Model 20 Service Jack
Download PDF: Model 20 (1.10 MB)

Model 40 Service Jack
Download PDF: Model 40 (1.78 MB)

Service Jacks

Model 40 Features:

  • Safety Bypass: Prevents jack from blowing seals when overload condition exists, will not allow users to lift loads in excess of specifications.
  • Chrome Plated and Heat Treated Parts Includes: All pistons, rams and release needles, prohibits corrosion, increases jack durability.
  • Release Mechanism: Unique linear motion eliminates galling found in standard screw mechanisms, provides smooth release control.
  • Dual Hydraulic Pump: Only jack available with a speed and power piston for increases lifting and ease of use.
Model 100 Lift Systems
Download PDF: Model 100 (1.73 MB)

Lift Systems


  • Top lift versatility for work on transmissions, ball joints, and shocks.
  • Stable four wheel base. Open configuration for accessibilty
  • Smooth, trouble-free release control with three positive safety stops
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Exclusive air and/or hydraulic option
Lift System Extensions


  1. Models 1610 (10") and 1626 (26") extensions for all under the hoist work.
  2. Model 3200 Transmission Adapter. It's compact and lightweight with a capacity of 500 pounds. Provides stable lifting platform for transmission removal and installation.
  3. Model 1605 (5") extension and chain. Excellent for ball joint checking and coil spring work.
Universal Jacks

Model 600 Features:

  • Lifting saddles conveniently adjusts both width and height
  • Stable base allows for use in lifting of the entire side or back of a vehicle...great for body work
  • Positive safety by-pass
  • Off-center loads lift easily
  • Superior stability and maneuverability from four wheel wide base design
Jack Stands

Model 5620 & 5650 Features:

  • Pin type construction for easy simple adjustment
  • Tubular steel column provides extra strong load support
  • Maximum work clearance
  • Large sturdy base distributes weight uniformly
  • Clean modern design - light weight
Hand Jacks

Milwaukee Hand Jacks are avaliable 1 1/2 through 20 tons capacity. These jacks are ideal for automotive, agricultural, industrial and constrcution lifting.


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